“Absolutely agree with the wealth of contacts and information you get from the list, for a ridiculously low price…. I’ve only been on the list for a short while and have been mostly lurking, but there’s something quite reassuring to know that there’s a whole community of talented people out there for support and sharing ideas, especially when you’re working remotely, on your own project, or are between gigs.”

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How to join

Although 3D-PRO is an invite-only community, if you are skilled and/or knowledgeable in a particular field and believe that you may have something to occasionally contribute to our community, you can send a connection request with a note on LinkedIn to 3D-PRO’s founder, Zero Dean, and express your interest in joining 3D-PRO via DM.

This is by no means a guarantee that you will be added to 3D-PRO, but professional experience, a good attitude, good communication skills, and a desire to be a contributing member of our community can be very persuasive.

Alternatively, you can connect with another member of our community and have them send you an official invite (which is usually how it’s done).


Former members are welcome to re-join 3D-PRO at any time (no referral necessary) by visiting the make a payment page and choosing the option that best suits your needs.

All new members get to experience 3D-PRO at NO COST for one full year. After one year, members are asked to pay a nominal annual subscription fee of $24 or a one-time lifetime membership fee of $120 to continue their membership.

If after one year you are not convinced that 3D-PRO is worth paying a membership fee for, you are free to discontinue your membership and pay absolutely nothing.

Literally every single person in our esteemed community who has been a member for over 1 year has decided that 3D-PRO provides value worth paying for.