“Been here a few years. I have observed tremendously insightful, civil, interesting discourse and advice I have not found elsewhere. Public forums simply do not provide this, period. ($1/mo for the caliber of smart conversation observed here is a steal.)”

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Founded in 1998 by Zero Dean, 3D-PRO is an esteemed international invite-only community of 3D, CG, FX, VR, Gaming and other professionals working in related or complementary fields. The primary form of communication between members takes place via an email discussion list.

For over two decades, the 3D-PRO discussion list has proven to be an invaluable resource among a who’s who of companies & individuals all over the world.

3D-PRO is a Who’s Who of people working in 3D, CG, FX, VR, Gaming and more.

Imagine a community of people who are not just knowledgeable about a particular subject, but who may have actually had a hand in steering its direction. Imagine asking a question about a format or a piece of software and getting an answer from the person who helped create it.

3D/CG/FX & Animation studios
Academy Award winners
TED Talkers
CG related authors
Artists & Programmers

Directors & filmmakers
Educators & academics
Software companies
Computer gaming companies
Plugin developers

Employees from dozens of organizations around the world

Animal Logic
Aardman Animations
Blizzard Entertainment
Chaos Group
Digic Pictures
Digital Domain
Electronic Arts
Embassy FX
Epic Games

Important Looking Pirates
Jim Henson’s Creature Shop
LEGO Systems
Mikros Image
Method Studios
Milk VFX
Naughty Dog
Oats Studios

Rhythm & Hues Studios
Rigging Dojo
Rising Sun Pictures
Rockstar Games
Rovio Entertainment
Scanline VFX
Side Effects Software
Soho VFX
Sony Imageworks
The Foundry
The Mill
Unity Technologies
Walt Disney Animation
Weta Digital
Wild Brain Studios

*Inclusion in this list does not in any way represent endorsement by any of the companies mentioned or any of their employees. All member’s opinions are their own and not the views of their employer.

You won't find another community or resource like 3D-PRO.

For 21 years, 3D-PRO was only accessible via an invitation & endorsement from an existing member, but this process was relaxed in 2019 to allow for special requests via LinkedIn.

This restricted membership mechanism has allowed 3D-PRO to slowly, but steadily grow for over twenty years without sacrificing the quality and close-knit community feel of 3D-PRO membership.

This is the internet like it used to be — friendly and helpful with a real sense of community.

Haven't heard of 3D-PRO?

Due to the private nature of our community and the caliber of many members, 3D-PRO was intentionally kept low-profile for nearly 20 years. Members were discouraged from talking about it with others (except to invite them). While we are still a private community — and access is limited — we are actively seeking to diversify our membership by attracting a new generation of talented and knowledgeable people working in CG and related fields. Which is why we’re not quite as low-profile as we used to be.