“Absolutely agree with the wealth of contacts and information you get from the list, for a ridiculously low price…. I’ve only been on the list for a short while and have been mostly lurking, but there’s something quite reassuring to know that there’s a whole community of talented people out there for support and sharing ideas, especially when you’re working remotely, on your own project, or are between gigs.”

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How can I get an invite to this community?

If you feel that you may have something to occasionally contribute to our community, you can send a connection request to the owner of 3D-PRO on LinkedIn and express your interest via DM.

No, you don’t have to have a fancy job title or be actively working within the industry at this time. However, it helps if you have professional experience or produce professional level work.

What is important is if you feel you will not only get something out of being a part of our community, you will also have something of value to add to it on occasion.

Professional experience, a good attitude, and good communication skills can be very persuasive.

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