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Can I pay for someone else’s membership?

Yes. And you can also do so anonymously if you want to.

Whether you’re an individual who wants to perform an act of kindness or a company that wishes to accommodate employees, you are more than welcome to cover the cost of someone else’s annual or lifetime membership.

Simply send payment as outlined on this page and be sure to include a note or specify the details of the member(s) you are paying for.

What if someone else has already paid? 

Right now, people/companies who want to pay for other members (or employees) membership can ask me in advance if it has been paid or simply take a leap of faith.

But right now that window is slowly, but steadily closing as people are taking action to pay. So it is difficult to judge based on timing/randomness.

However, if someone pays for someone else’s membership and that membership was paid for within 60 days, I will *refund* the payment made by the person whose membership is being paid for and explain why.

Ie. “You are receiving a refund for your membership because [name/anonymous donor] has generously paid for it. No actions on your part are required.

However, you can now choose to pay this act of kindness forward in whatever way you wish. Including doing so in a fashion that has nothing to do with 3D-PRO. Maybe pay for someone’s coffee in line?

But if you wish to pay it forward to another member of our community, you may. Or you can pay for the membership of someone you wish to invite. Or you can allocate those funds to a future project or event associated with 3D-PRO that is designed to benefit our community. But you are under no obligation to do anything.

Frankly, I don’t have a system for any of these variables in place because they are difficult to predict. So I am doing my best to accommodate everyone as fairly and smoothly as is humanly possible.

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