“I rarely post here, but I like the list existing even during those times I’m not participating. Money well spent.”

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The current cost of an annual subscription is $12 per year. Members can choose to pay $60 to avoid any future billing at any time. However, previous annual payments will not be reimbursed.

Note: You can use any other form of payment that I can accept (see other options) for your annual fee. Paypal just makes recurring billing easy.

A Paypal account is required for recurring billing. Credit card billing (coming soon) will allow for it as well.

*Yes, you can pay $12 for an annual subscription now and if you wish to bypass annual fees in the future, you can pay the cost of a lifetime membership at any time if desired. Please note, however, that any previous payments made will *not* be subtracted from the full cost of a lifetime membership and that prices are subject to change.

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