Payment Options

* “No transaction fee” options preferred when possible (Venmo, Squarecash, Velle…) 

Pay by Credit Card Worldwide:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club accepted.

3D-PRO Lifetime Membership
3D-PRO Annual Membership
3D-PRO Alt Amount

Other Payment Options:

The current cost of an annual subscription is $12 per year. Members can choose to pay $60 to avoid any future billing at any time. However, previous annual payments will not be reimbursed.

Note: You can use any other form of payment that I can accept (see other options) for your annual fee. Paypal just makes recurring billing easy.

A Paypal account is required for recurring billing. Credit card billing (coming soon) will allow for it as well.

*Yes, you can pay $12 for an annual subscription now and if you wish to bypass annual fees in the future, you can pay the cost of a lifetime membership at any time if desired. Please note, however, that any previous payments made will *not* be subtracted from the full cost of a lifetime membership and that prices are subject to change.

Email associated with list (this simply adds a note so I can associate your payment with your 3D-PRO account. You are not sending money to yourself):

Please enter the primary email address you wish to have associated with the and then click subscribe to begin the payment process.

The cost of a lifetime 3D-PRO membership is *$60 (USD). *Subject to change. This option allows you to bypass any future membership fees for as long as our community exists. If you can, please include a note with your payment so it is easy for me to connect the payment with the name or email of the list member it is paying for.

You can pay for your $12 annual subscription here as well. Recurring billing will be handled manually.


  • Cryptocurrency: Yes. Must be tech savvy.


  • Zelle: (no transaction fees) US only.
    • US bank to bank transfers. Probably offered through your bank & mobile app. Check your “transfer funds” menu options. Takes about 2-3 minutes to setup.
    • Recipient: zerodean at gmail dot com (in email address format)
  • Venmo (no transaction fees) US only.
    • Recipient: @ZeroDean
  • Square Cash (no transaction fees) US only.
    • Recipient: $ZeroDean
  • Google Pay *transaction must be in USD
    • Recipient: zerodean at gmail dot com (in email address format)

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* Any and all payments are applicable from the time we transitioned to moving forward. Any association with our former host/address is hereby terminated. Anyone desiring a “refund” for any past donations or anything they mistakenly believed were payments for support or otherwise that they believe are associated in any way with our former host or were contributed for commercial services or were made under false pretenses may request one if desired. Anyone who feels that I have let them down, mislead them, led them astray, or fractured or damaged this community is entitled to a refund. 

More simply, if you desire a refund for any transaction of funds you have made to me at any time in the past relating to our community for any reason, I will work to the best of my ability and within my financial limits to provide you with one.

If none of these options work for you, please contact the admin directly to work out an alternative payment option.