Once our community settles down from the recent disruption, we will be discussing official 3D-PRO merch opportunities. Mainly for fun and because merch is something that people have inquired about.

Members will be invited to suggest & create logos, designs, and mottos. And the community will vote on them.

Those who contribute designs will share at least 50% of the revenue generated from sales featuring their designs for sale in the official 3D-PRO storefront (pending). The remaining revenue will be put into a pool specifically for 3D-PRO related “things” (such as events, complimentary memberships, free merch giveaways, and more).

Merch will include the usual: Apparel (all kinds), stickers, bags, mousepads, and basically all the kinds of things that simply need a cool design slapped on them to be desirable by those in our community.

6 Chickens products & designs will also be available.


Current members (and companies) with products/stores of their own will be provided with space to promote their products/stores on