3D-PRO Membership

After 21 years, our private, carefully curated community of some of the most influential individuals & companies in the 3D, CG, FX, Animation & related industries from around the globe moved to a new location and transitioned to a subscription model.

After 1 full year of list.3dpro.org access, an optional and nominal membership fee is required to continue membership.

3D-PRO membership is $1 (USD) per month (paid in an annual sum of $12 which is not due until the 1 year anniversary of a member’s list.3dpro.org subscription).

One year after their list.3dpro.org join date, members can optionally choose to pay for their previous year of access to continue membership. Alternatively, members can pay a one-time lifetime membership fee of $60 (USD) to bypass any future annual fees. (Compared to…)

You don’t have to know in advance. Members are provided with 1 full year from the start of their list.3dpro.org subscription date to determine whether 3D-PRO is worth $1 per month and then given the option to continue their membership by paying for the previous 12 months to continue their membership.

Members also have the option of purchasing a lifetime membership to avoid any future billing for the life of our community.

* Any and all payments are applicable from the time we took permanent location at list.3dpro.org and only account from the time of this transition moving forward. Any association with our former host/address is hereby terminated. Anyone desiring a “refund” for any past donations or anything they mistakenly believed were payments for support or otherwise that they believe are associated in any way with our former host or were contributed for commercial services or were made under false pretenses may request one if desired.

What $1 a month is paying for:

The following list is neither comprehensive nor intended to convince you of the value of our community. Again, this is something that you will have 1 full year to determine for yourself. This list simply exists as a potential reminder of things that may not be immediately obvious to you.

It is entirely possible that the reason you wish to join the list.3dpro.org list and support and be a part our community may have nothing to do with anything listed below. 

  • Access to a private & carefully curated community of top 3D/CG/FX professionals from around the globe including:
    • Some of the most influential people and companies in the industry
    • Software developers, plugin creators, authors, instructors, directors, Academy Award winners, TED speakers, and more
    • A community composed of artists, programmers, animators, riggers, TDs, and more from nearly every major English speaking 3D/CG/FX and Animation related studio in the world
    • A simple delivery system and high signal/low noise access to the knowledge & information shared by this community
  • A place where individuals & companies are able to freely promote themselves, their work & their products with potential financial benefits
  • A place where companies/individuals are allowed to post job opportunities (fill positions as a result) and reap referral rewards when applicable
  • A professional, yet laid back environment where people have an opportunity to influence the industry and connect with other influential people within it
  • Access to a community that is *absent of commercial advertising and where members information has 0% risk of being sold (*future sponsorships are a consideration)
  • *Closed to recruiters. *Closed to journalists. *Exceptions exist for special circumstances. ie. You are not booted out if job your role changes. Closed to non *professionals (judged by experience, not job status)
  • Deliberately minimal on-list moderation

Additional benefits will be added (as noted) and others will become possible with membership fees in place. If/when I can find ways to provide additional benefits to members & our community beyond those mentioned, I will.

While 3D-PRO may not be directly responsible for benefiting members financially, the knowledge, connections, and opportunities provided can be equally as valuable at times (if not more so).

Every member gets 1 year from the time of their list.3dpro.org join date to determine this for themselves.

No.  All members are provided with 1 full year of access to list.3dpro.org to determine whether it is worth $1 per month. If they find value in their experience being a part of our community, they can then decide to pay $12 for the previous 12 months and proceed into the next. Anyone who doesn’t find value with our community within a year can leave at any time and owe nothing.

In addition to this:

Generous members can pay for other people’s memberships. But no fees are due until the 1 year anniversary of a member’s subscription date at list.3dpro.org.

But if you wish to preemptively pay for a lifetime membership for that person or cover the cost of a year of their membership when it’s due, you are more than welcome to.

Participation has increased, but so has the noise level as members test out new features and confirm everything is working (currently permitted). Plans to coordinate global meetups in locations such as Los Angeles, London, and Sydney have been discussed.

Our community as it exists now already represents the most generous contributors, sharers of knowledge, and most vocal supporters of 3D-PRO  and this transition. And we have been growing daily as more people come on board. And we will continue to attract amazing new members to welcome into our community as we always have.

Our community also includes a significant number of self-proclaimed lurkers who love what’s offered by it, but rarely (if ever) contribute to it unless they feel they have something of value to offer. These people have repeatedly reached out and stated that $1 per month is well worth the cost of staying connected with a community of this caliber. Some simply use it as a way to stay connected with an industry they love, but no longer work in.

Payment is due on the 1 year anniversary of the day you joined our list.3dpro.org community.

If you wish to avoid annual payments, you can make a one-time payment for a lifetime membership here.

Yes. And you can also do so anonymously if you want to.

Whether you’re an individual who wants to perform an act of kindness or a company that wishes to accommodate employees, you are more than welcome to cover the cost of someone else’s annual or lifetime membership.

Simply send payment as outlined on this page and be sure to include a note or specify the details of the member(s) you are paying for.

What if someone else has already paid? 

Right now, people/companies who want to pay for other members (or employees) membership can ask me in advance if it has been paid or simply take a leap of faith.

But right now that window is slowly, but steadily closing as people are taking action to pay. So it is difficult to judge based on timing/randomness.

However, if someone pays for someone else’s membership and that membership was paid for within 60 days, I will *refund* the payment made by the person whose membership is being paid for and explain why.

Ie. “You are receiving a refund for your membership because [name/anonymous donor] has generously paid for it. No actions on your part are required.

However, you can now choose to pay this act of kindness forward in whatever way you wish. Including doing so in a fashion that has nothing to do with 3D-PRO. Maybe pay for someone’s coffee in line?

But if you wish to pay it forward to another member of our community, you may. Or you can pay for the membership of someone you wish to invite. Or you can allocate those funds to a future project or event associated with 3D-PRO that is designed to benefit our community. But you are under no obligation to do anything.

Frankly, I don’t have a system for any of these variables in place because they are difficult to predict. So I am doing my best to accommodate everyone as fairly and smoothly as is humanly possible.

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* Any and all payments are applicable from the time we transitioned to list.3dpro.org moving forward. Any association with our former host/address is hereby terminated. Anyone desiring a “refund” for any past donations or anything they mistakenly believed were payments for support or otherwise that they believe are associated in any way with our former host or were contributed for commercial services or were made under false pretenses may request one if desired. Anyone who feels that I have let them down, mislead them, led them astray, or fractured or damaged this community is entitled to a refund. 

More simply, if you desire a refund for any transaction of funds you have made to me at any time in the past relating to our community for any reason, I will work to the best of my ability and within my financial limits to provide you with one.

* “No transaction fee” options preferred when possible (Venmo, Squarecash, Velle…) 

Pay by Credit Card Worldwide:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club accepted.

3D-PRO Lifetime Membership
3D-PRO Annual Membership
3D-PRO Alt Amount

Other Payment Options (PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Velle…):

The current cost of an annual subscription is $12 per year. Members can choose to pay $60 to avoid any future billing at any time. However, previous annual payments will not be reimbursed.

Note: You can use any other form of payment that I can accept (see other options) for your annual fee. Paypal just makes recurring billing easy.

A Paypal account is required for recurring billing. Credit card billing (coming soon) will allow for it as well.

*Yes, you can pay $12 for an annual subscription now and if you wish to bypass annual fees in the future, you can pay the cost of a lifetime membership at any time if desired. Please note, however, that any previous payments made will *not* be subtracted from the full cost of a lifetime membership and that prices are subject to change.

Email associated with list (this simply adds a note so I can associate your payment with your 3D-PRO account. You are not sending money to yourself):

Please enter the primary email address you wish to have associated with the list.3dpro.org and then click subscribe to begin the payment process.

The cost of a lifetime 3D-PRO membership is *$60 (USD). *Subject to change. This option allows you to bypass any future membership fees for as long as our community exists. If you can, please include a note with your payment so it is easy for me to connect the payment with the name or email of the list member it is paying for.

You can pay for your $12 annual subscription here as well. Recurring billing will be handled manually.


  • Cryptocurrency: Yes. Must be tech savvy.


  • Zelle: (no transaction fees) US only.
    • US bank to bank transfers. Probably offered through your bank & mobile app. Check your “transfer funds” menu options. Takes about 2-3 minutes to setup.
    • Recipient: zerodean at gmail dot com (in email address format)
  • Venmo (no transaction fees) US only.
    • Recipient: @ZeroDean
  • Square Cash (no transaction fees) US only.
    • Recipient: $ZeroDean
  • Google Pay *transaction must be in USD
    • Recipient: zerodean at gmail dot com (in email address format)

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If none of these options work for you, please contact the admin directly to work out an alternative payment option.