Post subjects should clearly reflect their contents

Please title your posts with a subject that directly pertains to the content of your message so that readers can tell at a glance whether a topic may be of interest to them or not.


Subject: OMG this new software is awesome!


Subject: New X-feature video from X company is amazing

Please do not use clickbaity titles.

While some degree of humor is allowed (if possible), it should not detract from the clarity of your subject and how it pertains to the contents.

NOTE: When a message thread veers significantly away from the original topic in the subject, please re-title a thread (if it makes sense to do so — otherwise, just let it run its course).

Exceptions to this guideline are when a thread is so active that splitting it will simply lead to two threads that are discussing the same thing. Sometimes this can be difficult to determine.

How to re-title a subject:

Subject: The new subject (was: The old subject)