Prohibited topics & language

Politics & religion

Political and religious topics are not allowed on 3D-PRO.

    • Even on Anything Goes Friday
    • Even if you think it’s funny
    • Even if you think everyone will agree with you

These topics are simply too polarizing and too off-topic for the list.

What about posting content (ie. Tweets) from controversial or political figures?

Posting content (ie. Tweets) by controversial or political figures is allowed IF the content directly pertains to the subject of the thread in which it is being included and if the content does not stray into prohibited subject matter (politics or religion). In other words, just because a person is a politician (or a controversial figure) doesn’t mean anything they say is off-limits in a discussion if it directly pertains to the content of the discussion.

That said, please do not deliberately use controversial figures or content as a means to generate further controversy or conflict.

Sexist, racist & discriminatory language

Sexist, racist, and discriminatory language is not condoned.


While the issue of piracy can be discussed as an industry issue, using 3DPRO to promote piracy is not allowed.