Lead discussions by example

As stated in how to make the most of your membership, you — as much as every other member of 3D-PRO — are responsible for the quality of 3D-PRO content and the topics covered.

People sometimes read 3D-PRO as if it’s a magazine and then complain about the fact that none of the topics lately are of interest to them. And they do this without recognizing that they are as responsible for the content and direction of topics on 3D-PRO as every other member.

If you’re concerned about the direction or quality of messages on the list, you are always in the position to post and direct topics that are of interest to you. 3D-PRO is intended to cover a gamut of 3D/CG related topics, from simple to complex and from artistic to technical.

If you think there is too much of one thing and not enough of another, take action, lead by example, and contribute. You don’t have to wait for the off chance that someone else will eventually talk about something that interests you.