Do not use the list for mining

Please know that 3D-PRO is intended to be a platform for the exchange of ideas and information. It is not to be used to simply mine data or recruit or attract people.

While using the list to compile information and stories for an article or book is acceptable, folks who do so should clearly announce their intentions (ie. “Hey, I’m writing an article/book — or doing a “TED talk” — and seeking information about…”).

And if such information is collected and used — WHETHER ON THE LIST OR PRIVATELY COLLECTED FROM MEMBERS — if you use the 3D-PRO as a resource, it is hoped that any data gained from members is “returned” to 3D-PRO in one form or another — be it with an announcement of the published article/book in which the information can be found, or a post back to the list that provides some kind of “summary”/sorted data.