Do not attempt to moderate threads or people

Yes, certain subjects are prohibited (which you should be aware of), but if you are bothered (irritated, offended…) by a thread, the content of a post, or another member, please do not step in to moderate.

Do not tell people what they cannot post or request that people stop posting.

If you have an issue with a subject, thread, post, or person, please write to me directly so that I can address any issues on your (anonymous) behalf if necessary or bring up the issue to the list for discussion.

Please note that any and every time I see someone attempt to moderate a person or a thread, I will post a reminder to the list to clearly state that this is not allowed. It has nothing to do with my personal support for or against a certain thing or person, but rather if we don’t have an explicit policy about something, it is not up to any individual list member to decide what it is or to enforce it.