Direct your replies accordingly

When replying to messages, please consider whether it would be more appropriate to reply directly to the person who posted it as opposed to sending your comments to the entire list.

While it is good to both acknowledge & show appreciation for posts, your simple one-line reply may be best suited for the individual you are replying to if it doesn’t really add anything of substance to the discussion.

That said, sometimes good posts can go by unnoticed simply because no one replies to them. Keep in mind that sometimes a simple reply commenting on the value of the post can help bring much needed visibility to it.

This is where it helps to balance your contributions in such a way that your replies ultimately add value by showing appreciation for people and posts or by adding to conversations in a way that people appreciate.

NOTE: When sending private replies to people on the list, please be clear that your response is intended as private and should not be reposted (as reply text) to the list (or elsewhere).