Content quality & acceptable noise

Have something to say, don’t just say something.

A casual, relaxed, and fun environment is encouraged, but please help to reduce low-quality list noise by limiting off-topic posts and one-line replies. Yes, humor is welcome now and again — but please don’t be “that guy” who always does it.

“Acceptable noise”

While we pride ourselves on a high-quality content:low noise ratio on 3D-PRO, not all noise is bad. Some noise helps add to the friendly atmosphere & vibe of a list that can be quite serious and cerebral at times.

This includes NM: (New Member) introductions (and their replies), AGF: (Anything Goes Friday) posts, as well as the occasional bout of silliness, one-liners, puns, or threads that go off-topic.

Part of what makes 3D-PRO work so well is the general level of friendliness and tolerance of others (and their posts).

Of course, there’s a delicate balance between quality content and humor, but I prefer to see some “nonsense” now and then to help offset some of the depressing or controversial topics discussed on 3D-PRO.