About moderation and rule enforcement

My primary goal as moderator is to encourage thoughtful, logical, open-minded, solution-oriented high-quality discussions while also encouraging a friendly, fun, and tolerant atmosphere. Not every post or thread will be of interest to every member — so please be tolerant of those to whom it is.

My preference for moderation is to be as invisible as possible, handle things behind-the-scenes, and let threads die a natural death (which they nearly always do) instead of constantly stepping in to enforce the rules.

That said, don’t mistake my lack of presence as not being around — I do monitor the list in near-realtime most days and read nearly every post.

If you feel a rule or guideline is being abused, please do not step in to moderate on my behalf. Instead, contact me so we can discuss the issue and I can address it (if it needs to be addressed).

NOTE: Please know that the guidelines of 3D-PRO are up to no single list member to interpret or enforce. As moderator, I enforce the list rules and guidelines based on a number of factors — including feedback (or complaints).

3D-PRO’s rules & guidelines are intended to help keep the list running as smoothly and productively as possible. No particular rule or guideline exists without the allowance of exceptions.