What to expect

Email volume:

3D-PRO message volume can range between 0 to over 100 messages per day. High numbers tend to be the exception — during controversial or highly active threads — not the norm.

Normal email delivery vs digest mode

Although members can choose to receive the list in digest format (where you will receive only 1 email containing the previous 24 hours of messages strung together), it isn’t recommended.

Instead of digest mode, members are encouraged to set up email filters to accommodate the potential volume of list messages. And if that doesn’t suffice, then it is recommended that members create an email account to specifically receive 3D-PRO messages (and possible other list subscriptions). This “set it and forget it” approach makes 3D-PRO messages easy to browse & search in chronological order without the chaos or formatting issues associated with digests.

Weekdays vs weekends

Our community is generally quieter during weekends. This means that posts that would often get a quick response during weekdays do not get as quick of a response on weekends.

Responses to NM: (New Member bios)

Responses can vary considerably depending on what day of the week you introduce yourself, whether other people on the list know you (or know of you), what you included in your bio, and any number of other factors.

Responses generated from NM: bios are not considered list noise as making people feel welcome is a part of our culture.