What to expect

If you are a Gmail user, you will not receive a copy of your own post. However, if I think of it when I add you, I will turn on post notifications for you so you receive an acknowledgment when your message is delivered to the list.

If you are a Gmail user who has post acknowledgments turn on, every time you post to the list you will receive an email from [email protected] with the subject “3DPRO post acknowledgment“. The contents of the message will verify that your post was successfully received by the 3DPRO mailing list.

If you don’t want to receive an acknowledgment or I forgot to turn it on for you, this is an option you can change yourself via your list preferences.

Email volume:

3D-PRO message volume can range from 0 to over 100 messages per day. High numbers tend to be the exception but can happen during controversial or highly active threads.

On high-volume days, especially as a new member, the amount of incoming email can feel overwhelming. This is why I suggest people sign up for 3D-PRO with a second address just for the list. Either that or specifically filter 3D-PRO mail into a mailbox for later reading. But here’s the thing, to get the most out of 3D-PRO, it’s actually important to try to at least skim messages on the day they were posted. This way you can actually reply when threads are active. If you’re not at least keeping up with what’s being posted — even if you’re not reading every message in full — you aren’t likely to get much value out of the community. And this will also keep you from feeling like you are a part of it.

Average number of posts per month 2008 :

2021 — 670 *as of July
2020 — 560
2019 — 487
2018 — 576
2017 — 419
2016 — 740
2015 — 926
2014 — 981
2013 — 1024
2012 — 773
2011 — 629
2010 — 775
2009 — 697
2008 — 617

Normal email delivery vs digest mode

Although members can choose to receive the list in digest format (where you will receive only 1 email containing the previous 24 hours of messages strung together), digest mode is not recommended.

Instead of digest mode, members are encouraged to set up email filters to accommodate the potential volume of list messages. And if that doesn’t suffice, then it is recommended that members create an email account to specifically receive 3D-PRO messages (and possible other list subscriptions). This “set it and forget it” approach makes 3D-PRO messages easy to browse & search in chronological order without the chaos or formatting issues associated with digests.

Weekdays vs weekends

Our community is generally quieter during weekends. This means that posts that would often get a quick response during weekdays do not get as quick of a response on weekends.

Responses to NM: (New Member bios) are noisy, but welcome

Responses can vary considerably depending on what day of the week you introduce yourself, whether other people on the list know you (or know of you), what you included in your bio, and any number of other factors.

Responses generated from NM: bios are considered acceptable list noise as making people feel welcome is a part of our community.