Paid membership details

At the time this page was created, the membership details here were an exact copy of the Membership Terms page. In the event of any changes, that page takes precedence over this one.

All sales are final.

When you make an annual payment, you are paying for the *previous 12 months, not the next 12 months.

Members who join our community get 1 year to determine if it is worth paying for. On the one year anniversary of their membership they are asked to pay for the previous 12 months to continue their membership.

*Former members wishing to restart their membership are required to pay the equivalent of 1 annual payment (processing fee) to initiate a subscription (or pay for a lifetime membership and avoid the fee). After which, former members get 1 year like everyone else to decide if the previous year was worth paying for. It is in this way that both new and former members are all paying for services already provided, not future services

To cancel automated billing…

To cancel future billing, you must cancel your 3D-PRO membership. If you wish to avoid any future billing, you can purchase a lifetime membership.

To cancel your 3D-PRO membership, please follow the directions provided in the list welcome message or contact the 3D-PRO Admin for assistance. Upon termination of your membership, you will owe nothing.

If you cancel your Paypal subscription, your 3D-PRO membership will also be canceled (Again, because when you pay your membership fee, you are paying for the previous 12 months, not the next 12 months).

Automated annual renewals are locked in at the starting rate.

Annual membership rates are subject to change. However, if you start an automated subscription, your rate will be locked in at the starting rate.

If you pay manually each year (making a single, non-subscription payment via paypal, venmo, or some other method), you will be required to pay the current going rate each time you pay.

When automated renewals fail…

If your annual membership renewal fails due to billing issues, you will be removed from 3D-PRO. If you wish to continue your membership, you will be required to do so at the current rate (not your former rate).

Lifetime memberships are a one-time fee.

Upon paying a lifetime membership, your annual billing will be canceled and you will no longer need to pay for membership.

You have 7 days to upgrade to a lifetime membership…

You have 7 days after making an annual payment to upgrade to a lifetime membership by paying the difference in the cost between memberships. This can be done using the ALT amount option.

After 7 days, if you wish to upgrade to a lifetime membership, you will be required to pay the full rate.