Email related

See also: How to change your list preferences

Changing email

Members can change the email address(es) they have associated with our community at any time regardless of whether they are an annual or a lifetime member.

Multiple addresses 

Members can have multiple email addresses associated with our community. For example, a work address and a personal address. This allows members to easily post from multiple addresses.

Additionally, email delivery can be turned off so as to only receive email at one of them.

Receiving a copy of your own posts

Gmail users will not receive a copy of their own posts when sending to the list. There are two workarounds.

    1. You can subscribe 2 email addresses and post from one and receive email at the other.
    2. You can turn on list acknowledgements. This is the ACK setting in your user preferences. While you won’t receive a copy of your post, you will receive an email letting you know that your email has been distributed. Contact me and I will set this for you.


Replies to the list will automatically be directed to the person who sent the message and not the list. To override this, you can choose “reply all” (or “reply list” when it appears).

Email labels

Messages will show up in your inbox as being sent from First Name Last Name via 3DPRO.

If for some reason they all show up as being from [email protected] (example below), then remove the address you have for the list from your contacts/address book (Apple Mail, Thunderbird…)

Replying to digest messages (or the archives)

When replying to digest messages or posts in the archives, always have your subject match the subject of the post you are replying to. 

Do not send tests to the list

Tests are a waste of 3DPRO and the attention of the community. If you must test the list, please post something more meaningful than a test.

  • Post a link
  • Recommend something
  • Post a bio
  • Start a new topic
  • Anything but a test