About membership types

Annual membership

All new members to our community are provided with 1 full year of access to our community (based upon their subscription date) to determine whether 3D-PRO is of value to them or not. After this time, members can (optionally) choose to pay for the previous year of membership (currently $1 per month) to continue into the next year.

Members who choose not to initiate their annual membership upon the date it is due can request a 2-week “trial”/extension at a future time before being asked to optionally pay to continue membership.

Lifetime membership

Lifetime memberships are provided to allow members to avoid any future membership related fees for the life of our community. Members can come and go as they please for as long as our community exists.

Non-member posting privileges (accommodates commercial use)

Non-member posting privileges are provided on a case-by-case single-post basis to those who may have a desire or need to reach those in our community.

Fee: Negotiable

Usage examples include:

    • HR Job Postings
    • Press releases
    • Announcements
    • Invitations
    • Special requests