Subject header keys

Subject header keys are specific “tags” in a subject that allow people to easily filter and sort incoming messages or tell at a glance what kind of content a message contains.

Here are existing subject header keys which include a specific phrase of text traditionally followed by a colon (:) and then a subject that indicates the contents.

Official Subject Header Keys:


Important or informational posts from the list admin. Please set your filters in a way that allows you to see these posts in a timely fashion.


Anything Goes Friday was created to help encourage lurkers and others to post topics of discussion they believe may be of interest to others in our community (even if only a few people).

Subjects do not have to be related to 3D, CG, FX, or animation.

For example, AGF provides an opportunity to mention a great new app you discovered (or get suggestions on one), inquire about a potential new purchase, highlight a useful website or tool, or talk about anything related to personal pursuits such as flying drones, photography, travel destinations, and more.

Four things to keep in mind:

    1. New AGF: posts should be restricted to Fridays with some flexibility for those folks in other parts of the world and different time zones.
    2. Topics related to POLITICS or RELIGION are not allowed — even on Anything Goes Friday. These topics are simply too polarizing and too off-topic for the list.
    3. Yes, you can use AGF to highlight personal projects or other ventures & creations. Though, just like PLUG:, please limit the number of times you self-promote on the list (even once per month may be too much).
    4. To post an Anything Goes Friday topic, simply use the AGF: subject header key followed by a descriptive subject that clearly indicates the content of your message.


Truly off-topic posts. Anything that might be considered straying significantly away from what may be of general interest to people in the 2D/3D/CG/FX business is off topic.


New member introductions. “Noise” generated by those welcome new members is not just welcome, but appreciated. We want new members to our community to feel welcome and greeting those who join our community is a friendly way to do that.


Old member introductions are just like new member introductions except that they are for people who have been a part of our community for a long time and wish to reintroduce themselves.

When (re)introducing yourself, please include your name in the subject and your job title & current employer if applicable.


OM: Zero Dean, Founder/Admin,

In the body of your message, please include at least a few lines related to when you joined 3D-PRO and what you’ve been up to in the years since.

Just like a new member bio, this is your chance to show some personality, discuss your experiences, share your interests, and connect with others in our community who may share those interests.


Change My View. I’m hoping this may prompt folks to pose subjects that lead to *healthy* discourse about the topic at hand.

While a thread may not lead to anyone’s view being changed, I’ve found these kinds of discussions to be quite illuminating (on Reddit and elsewhere) when civil (and that’s an important distinction).


Blatant self-promotion. It is entirely acceptable to use 3D-PRO to gain or give exposure to something, including jobs, products, people, promotions, projects. PLUG: is used to promote your own or someone else’s work or products.

NOTE: Please do not plug products excessively. “Excessively” means that your PLUG: or self-promotion is either mentioned out of context in a conversation — or you are repeatedly posting news about your product at a frequency that makes it feel like a marketing campaign and not real and/or important news.

When in doubt about using the list to gain or put exposure on something, simply send me an email regarding whatever you are thinking about posting. I’m usually pretty quick to respond and getting the okay to post your plug or announcement will give you immunity in the event anyone complains.


Job posts are welcome on 3DPRO. While most within our community are employed, many of us know people who aren’t — and some may actually be looking for a career move.

NOTE: While asking for additional information is ok, please do not hijack JOB: posts with commentary about the post, the company, or similar which takes the post in a direction other than what is intended.

If you wish to discuss something of interest related to the JOB: post, please create an entirely new thread.

How to post a job:

  • Subject: JOB: Job title, Company
  • Posts should include details about the job and not just a link to a job posting. However, links to the original job posting with additional details and application instructions are welcome. Please avoid posting links that only lead someone to an intermediary site that then links to the actual job posting (Links should be as close to the original source as possible.)


Person is looking for work.


Anything that might be considered good reference material for CG artists/programmers.



The name of the software being referenced for software specific posts & support questions.


Specifically for crowdfunding-related posts. While it is ok to draw attention to crowdfunded projects (kickstarter, gofundme, indiegogo) for support, please do not use the list for anything requiring “internet votes” or “likes” from the general internet-at-large to “win”.