Acceptable list topics

3D-PRO is not limited to a single subject or software or restricted to only 3D, CG, FX, VR, Animation & Gaming related topics.

Please know that many of the topics on 3D-PRO revolve around VFX because many of our members work in VFX. However, we are also a community composed of people working in games, architecture, academia, VR, and more. We welcome all people working in all areas of computer graphics and related fields & industries.

The general guideline for discussions is that if it is likely of interest to people on the list, then it is on topic. As such, discussions may occasionally stray from industry-related topics to subjects that many in our community share an interest in such as photography or travel.

Please note, however, that we use “subject header keys” (the equivalent of hashtags) to help organize topics and allow for easy email filtering.

Besides obvious topics directly related to 3D/CG/FX & Animation, other topics related to the workplace, health, lifehacks, and work/life-enhancing products are very much on-topic. Some of the best conversations we’ve ever had have dealt with things that stray from primary themes that deal directly with work.

In my mind, the best use of 3D-PRO is when it adds value to people’s lives. If that means helping someone find a place to live, recommending a tax person or a lawyer, discussing ways to maintain work/life balance, or suggesting must-see entertainment or exhibits, I’m all for it and don’t consider it off-topic.

When in doubt about anything list related, you’re more than welcome to shoot me a message.


Announcements of various types (product updates, user group meetings, classes, etc) are also welcome on 3D-PRO as long as they are intended to provide timely information that may be of significant interest to subscribers. This includes special hardware or software promotions.

These types of promotional posts should be limited in frequency.

If in doubt, contact me first. Please note that press releases are not allowed (excerpt for non-member posts) and all announcements should be written in a straight-forward fashion (i.e. not “sales speak”) and should not resemble advertisements.

Please just tell it like it is, even if that means pointing people to a page with more information.