Complaints & Feedback

I rely on feedback from members like you to make sure that people are satisfied with all aspects of the list.

If at any time you have something positive or negative to say about the list, or if you have concerns about something that is posted — or a particular person who posted it (including me) — email me.

I will either discuss the issue with you directly, take action, or introduce a topic for discussion back to the list so that a general consensus can be made.

NOTE: While I value everyone’s input, if I only receive a complaint from one person — from a group of over a thousand — I may simply keep an eye on the “issue”. But if I receive complaints from multiple people, then I am far more likely to take action.

If you care enough about something in a positive or negative way so much that it is influencing how you feel about the list, please send me feedback. Positive feedback is just as important as negative feedback.

Please know that I am always open to new ideas, suggestions, and general feedback. If you have an idea that you think might make 3D-PRO better — or provide a benefit to members, I’m happy to discuss it.