About inviting people to 3D-PRO

Also see: How to invite someone to 3D-PRO.

3D-PRO is always looking for new members and there is no restriction on the number of people a person can invite to the list. However, please put some thought into who you wish to invite to this list and know that you are essentially vouching for those you invite.

However, if you know anyone working as a computer graphics professional or technical person in games, film, or some CG related industry, or if you know of any non-professional who has a good attitude and clearly produces “pro level/quality” work, please consider inviting them to 3D-PRO. This includes friends (if they are in the industry) & co-workers, as well as business contacts & talent.

Yes, it’s fine to invite folks you don’t know to 3D-PRO, so long as their work and work experience speaks for them (in a good way).

Although the “buddy system” (i.e. inviting someone you know) works best, I also consider “talent scouting” a viable means of recruitment for 3D-PRO. This means if you run across amazing work (such as a posting on CG Talk, etc) done by an individual you think would make a good addition to the list, even if you don’t know them, you can still refer them to me and I can send them an invitation to join the list.


Since it was founded in 1998, news of 3D-PRO has reached journalists, magazine editors, and HR people throughout the 3D/CG/FX industry — many of whom have requested to be added to the list.

We decided — as a group — that it was in the best interest of 3D-PRO to deny access to these types of people as members expressed discomfort that their freely exchanged ideas and information would simply be collected by others for personal or commercial gain (see: do not use the list for mining).

While 3D-PRO does include authors, bloggers, podcasters, magazine contributors, and a couple of HR people, these are generally people with deep roots and a long history working within the industry. So yes, occasionally exceptions are made (on a case by case basis) — and most often because it is felt that these people have something of value to offer the list.

Anyone who is added to 3D-PRO is done so based on their merits and/or the recommendations and endorsements of others.