About 3DPUB (discord server)

THE 3DPUB DISCORD SERVER (Started March 26, 2020)

3DPUB is the social and informal side of the 3D-PRO community. It is entirely optional. 3DPUB primarily exists to help facilitate more personal, direct, and interactive conversations and discussions between members via text, audio, and video.

The 3DPUB discord server is for chatty, social, noisy, and informal conversations best suited for a chat environment. Most of which would be considered off-topic or too noisy for the 3D-PRO mailing list.

While on-topic conversations are allowed — this is a “pub” after all — the primary focus of the discord server is for off-topic conversations that go beyond the scope of 3D/CG/FX — such as food, hobbies, reading, video games, etc.

Chats should be considered disposable and channels are subject to deletion.

The 3DPUB discord should not be used for or relied upon archival purposes. If you wish to have a discussion be archived, please post to the mailing list.

Message history is being maintained for entertainment purposes only.

Anything best suited for the 3dpro mailing list should be posted to the list.  What does that mean? It means if it’s something you could easily post to the list and it would be on-topic and fit right in and not generate too much noise, post it to the list.

The 3DPUB discord should not be used in place of the mailing list when the list is a perfectly suitable place to post. Long-term/repeated failure to comply with this will lead to the termination of this discord server.


3DPUB is essentially an advanced chat room. It is not a content consumption platform — it is a participation platform. If you join 3DPUB to simply lurk, then you are there for the wrong reasons.

3DPUB exists to provide a social aspect to 3DPRO. It does not exist to replace it in any way, nor is that something I consider possible.

Although message history is on, what has previously been said isn’t nearly as important about what is being said. It’s about having a conversation today, it’s not about long-form, archived knowledge bases.

I think thinking about it as if it’s meant to be something someone has to keep up with is what gets people into trouble. It really shouldn’t be used in that way. For one, it isn’t designed to be kept up with — chats are spontaneous and the topics are random. And second, we have a perfectly good place for thoughtful archived conversations — the mailing list.

It might be helpful to think of the discord as being like Twitter — something you don’t have to keep up with, but something you can periodically dig deeper into conversations and participate on occasion if you want to.

The 3DPUB discord is about who you’re talking with, not about having to keep track of everyone who previously said something. You should not feel as if you need to be in the loop in the same way if you meet some friends at a pub, you don’t ask them to repeat everything they said before you got there.

To me, it’s about the experience. That’s the social aspect. It’s not about archiving information.

Enjoy it for what it is without trying to turn it into something it’s not intended to be.


To access the members-only channels (listed below) you will need to get verified. **To get verified, fill out this simple google form:**