How to make the most of your membership

Make your presence known

Introducing yourself helps create a sense of community and allows others to see if you share common interests or experiences as well as provides an indication of what your area of expertise may be.

This is one of the reasons why new members are required to introduce themselves to the list within 2 days of being added to it.

Old members who haven’t yet re-introduced themselves since our transition to 3D-PRO 2.0 are highly encouraged to do so for the same reasons.

1. Try to be aware of what’s being discussed

It’s likely that 3D-PRO won’t be of much value to you if you don’t check-in to see what’s being talked about in a timely fashion.

This doesn’t mean that you have to read every post, but staying somewhat aware of what’s being discussed — and at least reading the posts that interest you when you can — will allow you to note things that may be of current or future interest to you.

It will also allow you to connect with our community and contribute on occasion.

Note: Just because you’re late to reading a topic doesn’t mean that you aren’t welcome to contribute to it if you have something more to add.

2. Contribute & engage others to feel connected 

You don’t have to be an expert to contribute.

Simply showing appreciation for someone else’s contribution to our community is enough to help make your presence known and allow you to feel connected to our community.

  • Ask questions about things that you are curious about
  • Share things that you think may be of interest to others
  • Show support or appreciation for those who provide something you consider valuable

Note: Also keep in mind that one day of the week is Anything Goes Friday“. “AGF:” exists to allow lurkers and others to contribute any kind of content they feel may be of interest to others in our community (including subject matter that may have little to do with 3D, CG, FX, or Animation).

3. Your participation helps drive the direction of the list

List members are directly responsible for the kind of content that is posted and discussed.

If the 3D-PRO lacks topics about things that interest you, understand that one of the reasons is likely that you are not contributing the kind of content that interests you. Never forget that you are as much a part of this community as those who consistently contribute to it.

Lead discussions by example. Don’t passively wait for topics that interest you. Take an active role in contributing to the list by posting the kinds of things that you’d like to see more of. And when topics that interest you do come up, make sure to contribute to those conversations when you can.

Note: If you treat 3D-PRO like a magazine you enjoy reading, understand that you are not just a consumer of its content, you’re a part of its content creation team as well. 

4. Be mindful of showing appreciation & encouraging what you would like to see more of

If someone contributes something you appreciate, tell them. If something someone shares helps you, thank them. People tend to be acknowledged for their contributions much less than people think.

Whether you do it privately or on the list, taking the time to express thanks to those who add value to the list and our community is a good thing. 

Note: While making new members feel welcome is encouraged — as is acknowledging old members who reintroduce themselves — be mindful of the noise that is generated by doing so and try to balance your posts to the list in such a way that you’re also contributing to community on occasion and not just being a “greeter”. Always consider whether your reply is best suited for the individual you’re replying to or the entire list.

5. Be a community builder 

As an invite-only community, 3D-PRO relies on people like you to help build it.

By inviting people you feel would not only get something out of our community, but would have something to offer it as well you have a direct impact on all aspects of 3D-PRO.

6. If you don’t like something, tell me (and if you do like something, tell me!)

I can only initiate changes based on what I am personally aware of. This is why your feedback is vital in helping me manage this community.

  • If 3D-PRO isn’t proving to be of much value to you, please let me know why
  • If something or someone turns you off, tell me what it is
  • If you suspect something could become an issue, let me know
  • If you have a suggestion, let me know
  • If you feel you can assist me or our community in some way, let me know

While I will not make knee-jerk decisions based on a single person’s feedback, I do take all feedback into consideration. Especially feedback that follows common themes.