How to invite someone to 3D-PRO

Also see: About inviting people to 3D-PRO

The most effective way to invite someone to our community is to personally send them an invitation. This way if you know them, they will recognize your name and not question the validity of the email or invitation.

The easiest way for you to invite someone to the list is to send them — or refer them to — the text from the “3D-PRO INVITATION EMAIL” (BELOW) and have them follow the instructions provided.

3D-PRO INVITATION EMAIL (copy & paste any part of this or refer the person you wish to invite to this page)

Example of what to include in a 3D-PRO Invitation:

SUBJECT: Invitation to 3D-PRO


This is a personally sent invitation to join a private & highly regarded, invite-only network of
3D/CG/FX professionals.

ABOUT 3D-PRO: (also see:

3D-PRO is a private, carefully curated and highly esteemed community global network of 3D, CG, FX & Animation professionals and others working in related/complementary fields from around the world.

(See: for updated info)

3D-PRO includes members from animation and Visual FX studios, computer gaming companies, CG-related authors & educators, software & plug-in developers, multimedia companies, artists, programmers, and more.

3D-PRO is a private community where members invite or endorse others within the 3D, CG, FX, Animation & related industries. This restricted membership mechanism allows our community to grow slowly consisting of new members that existing members vouch for.

The primary form of interaction for 3D-PRO is done through an interactive discussion list. 3D-PRO is used in a variety of ways, including industry networking, announcements, 3D, CG, FX & Animation related discussion including hardware, software, techniques, technical issues, problem-solving,
beta testing, and more.


An email discussion list provides a way for members to communicate with all other members by sending an email to a single address. When a member sends a message to that address, all other members in our community receive it and have the option to reply.

This keeps it simple and easily accessible from all modern devices, but it can sometimes generate a fair number of messages and can be overwhelming for some. Good email filtering or a completely separate email address just for the list is recommended. A daily digest option is also available (you will receive a single email with all of the day’s messages strung together).


After 21 years, 3D-PRO transitioned to paid memberships. All new members are provided with 1 FULL YEAR of access to 3D-PRO in order to determine if 3D-PRO is of value to them. After which, they have the option to pay for the previous year (currently $24 (USD) year) in order to continue their membership. Alternatively, members can pay for a lifetime membership (currently $120) at any time to avoid any future billing. Read what current members have to say about the fees.


If you have received an invite from someone within our community, please follow these instructions carefully:

Email the 3D-PRO Admin: 3dpro.admin [@] gmail [.] com and CC the person who invited you.

The email should include:



1. The name of the person who invited you (also CC’d in recipients).
2. Your name and the email address you would like to subscribe to list in the following format:

FirstName LastName <[email protected]>

Please note that you will only be able to post to the list from email addresses you have subscribed to the list. So if wish to sometimes post from a personal address and a work address at other times, you will need to provide them.

Please know that you can easily turn off email delivery to any additional addresses so that you only receive a single copy of messages at one address.

3. A link to your LinkedIn profile (preferred). However, you can also simply state Your Job Title & Employer (or freelance…)

4. A short (or long) bio covering some of your history and interests is OPTIONAL IF you provide a link to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one).

Please note, you will be required to provide a short (or long) bio to introduce yourself to our community within 48 hours of being subscribed. This is something that allows other members to get to know a little about you, your interests, your history, and so on. And it allows others a way to welcome you.