How to introduce yourself to our community

New members added to are required to introduce themselves within 48 hours of receiving their welcome message. Failing to do so within the allotted time (without asking for an extension) will result in your removal from the list.


(“NM:” = New Member / “OM:” = Old Member)

One of the things we take pride in here is the sense of community that 3D-PRO has. Introducing yourself to the rest of our community allows them to learn a little bit about you, your background, your interests and anything else you wish to share.

It is also a way for other members to know who has “entered the room”, find common interests, discover people they know, and welcome you.

Messages related to new member bios (tagged “NM:”) are not considered list noise as they are an important part of our culture.


The best bios are generally informal & friendly, not uptight & “business only”.

Your new member bio is your chance to introduce yourself as a human being and connect with others who may share your interests or who may already be fans of your work.

Providing details such as your history, interests (both professional and non), and other aspects of your life help make you a real human being and not just a name and a job title.

Personality is a good thing. However, keep in mind that although we are generally a laid back group, we are also a group of professionals and professional behavior is expected.

While mild profanity is allowed and you will not be graded on how well you write, it is important to consider that you are sharing information with some very influential members of the industry around which our diverse community is formed. Sexism, racism, and derogatory language have no place within our community.

So, basically, don’t be an idiot.

Feel free to include links to social media, websites, galleries or anything else.


The goal here is to introduce yourself as a human being. Your bio is not a resume or a press release. It should not be written in the third person or copy & pasted from your company’s website.


When you’re you ready to post your bio, title the subject as follows:

NM: YourName, position (freelance, looking, etc is ok), company name


NM: Zero Dean, 3D-PRO Admin,
NM: Zero Dean, Generalist, Freelance
NM: Zero Dean, Modeler, between jobs

Please include the “NM:” (without the quotes). This is called a subject header key (it’s kind of like a hashtag) and allows other members to easily filter these kinds of posts.

We have other subject header keys as well that are explained elsewhere (JOB: OT: AGF: SOFTWARENAME: REFERENCE: PLUG: among others — although these are generally optional so long as the subject of your message clearly indicates its content).