How to filter 3D-PRO email

Some people are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of messages posted to the list. Setting up an email filter to move 3D-PRO messages into their own mailbox is an easy way to deal with this so that regardless of how many messages are posted to the list, you can easily read messages at your leisure without having them take over your inbox.

You can easily filter 3D-PRO by the “to:” field using the list’s address:

3dpro /@/ and 3dpro /@/

Please note, because both of these addresses work, you must account for both of them or some message may slip through your filter.

Also, note that you can filter some message based on existing subject header keys (when applicable).


Please filter ADMIN: messages in such a way that they are obvious and delivered to you in a way that can be read in a timely fashion.