“Been here a few years. I have observed tremendously insightful, civil, interesting discourse and advice I have not found elsewhere. Public forums simply do not provide this, period. ($1/mo for the caliber of smart conversation observed here is a steal.)”

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Member feedback

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*Some comments reflect the introductory membership fees of  $1 per month or $60 for a lifetime membership offered in 2019.

100% genuine & verifiable comments from 3D-PRO members…

“I’ve been on this list for 20 of its 21 years and it is by far the best resource in the VFX/CG/animation community.”

This list is awesome. The depth of knowledge and insight is just awesome.

“Day 1 and there’s already heaps of fascinating discussions in my inbox. Looking forward to contributing!”

“I’ve recently joined myself and so far this list has been wonderful for insightful conversations and honest recommendations. Great group here :)”

“…it has been amazing to be able to reach out to the people in here, I always had super interesting replies whenever I asked something and is a pleasure to be a tiny part of it.”

“I have not found anything like this forum anywhere else. To me, this forum is the spirit of early days of the internet and how I thought the whole internet would be a vast sharing of knowledge with very little noise.”

“The value that 3D-Pro brings to the entire industry is without any doubt worth the membership cost.”

“I feel much better, now that I pay for my lurking. I was often thinking about donating… later/tomorrow/next time…”

“Absolutely worth it… I dropped out of the VES because it didn’t offer even close to the same value as this list, FWIW.”

“Welcome to the coolest haven on the interwebs :)”

“It is like having the ultimate consultant and expert right next to you, on demand, and for free.”

“Having benefitted from about day 1 of this list … it took me about 1/2 sec to decide to become a lifetime subscriber.”

“Personally I’ve seen single posts that are worth more than $60 to me professionally. The list is professionally moderated and the signal to noise ratio is better than just about anywhere else.”

I really enjoy being part of the list. I love to see that I’m not the only one amazed by all the beautiful art and technology being done and shared with the community. Even though I’m not contributing much, I feel connected with the people of the list like an extended family.

“I can say without hesitation that I’ve gotten much more from this list than I’ve contributed.”

“I rarely post here, but I like the list existing even during those times I’m not participating. Money well spent.”

“This list has been a warm blanket of everything I love and hate about the profession and community I’ve chosen, enjoy and have identified with for the majority of my adult life.”

“Speaking from personal experience, the value I’ve received from this list would cover the “asking price” many, many times over.”

“I’m only just catching up on this massive thread. And all I have to say is that; this is the only place I’ve found a very thoughtful and balanced discussion on the current situation. One that didn’t devolve into name calling and black and white statements such as “####” … I can always rely on 3DPRO for thoughtful conversation.”

“I jump at the chance to pay so little for something so valuable. It’s an act of defiance against the pressures that drive many beautiful things into the arms of the advertising-and-surveillance business model.”

“I absolutely love being on this list, I lurk & listen mostly, and feel my best contribution has been inviting smart people that I’ve met along my journey through the industry.”

“Amazing resource that sets the bar for the whole vfx community – worth it at many times the price asked for.”

“Paying for the lifetime membership is one of the easiest decisions I have made in this industry.”

“I’ve been on this list since 2005. I’ve had my ass saved numerous times from issues I brought to the list, I’ve also helped people with problems they’ve had. I’ve hired incredible people and have been hired by incredible people. There aren’t any other communities out there that have such a wide depth of people from all kinds of industries. Paying $1 US a month for me is a no brainer. Sign me up a hundred times over please.”

“For 1 dollar a month, list members should be laughing giddy all the way to the bank.”

“…Such a great amount of seriously interesting discourse has been a real boon and very highly appreciated.”

“I just paid the lifetime fee, and I will donate again when I feel I should because I have plans to live long enough to think $60 is way too cheap for what 3dpro gives to the community.”

“I am a professional 3D-Pro lurker, but it’s such a quality resource to have in our arsenal.”

“The wealth of knowledge and contacts on this list is top notch!”

“Absolutely agree with the wealth of contacts and information you get from the list, for a ridiculously low price…. I’ve only been on the list for a short while and have been mostly lurking, but there’s something quite reassuring to know that there’s a whole community of talented people out there for support and sharing ideas, especially when you’re working remotely, on your own project, or are between gigs.”

“I’m happy to pay for a service, especially one as valuable as this.”

“3DPro must be amongst the most awesome communities of artist-engineers on the planet. It’s an honor to be here, and witness the discussions here.”

“Been here a few years. I have observed tremendously insightful, civil, interesting discourse and advice I have not found elsewhere. Public forums simply do not provide this, period. ($1/mo for the caliber of smart conversation observed here is a steal.)”

“I pay subscriptions for ACM and VES which are well above USD 12 per annum. While those organizations are awesome I can probably get a better discussion going here.”

“I’ve been on the list since Year 1 I think, and honestly can’t quantify the value it has provided over the years.”

“Didn’t even blink — you got my $60. It’s peanuts for even just being *near* the huge number of amazing people you’ve brought together here Zero.”