Founded in 1998, 3D-PRO is a private, carefully curated, and highly esteemed community and network of 3D/CG/FX professionals and others working in related/complementary fields from around the globe.

3D-PRO includes members from animation and visual fx studios, computer gaming companies, CG related authors & educators, software & plug-in developers, multimedia companies, artists, programmers, Oscar winners, TED speakers, and more.

3D-PRO is a private community and only accessible through a personal invitation from the list owner or an invitation/endorsement from an existing member. This restricted membership mechanism has allowed 3D-PRO to slowly, but steadily grow over 21 years without sacrificing the quality and close-knit community feel of 3D-PRO membership.

3D-PRO is used in a variety of ways, including industry networking, announcements, 3D/CG related discussion including hardware, software, techniques, technical issues, problem-solving, beta testing, and more.

Our community currently has (or has previously had) a presence on social media including: LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Google Wave, Google Groups, Twitter, and elsewhere. We have also had local community meet-ups around the globe (which we will do more of).

The core of our communication now takes place at list.3dpro.org which, as of our transition to a subscription model, is now the official standard used to determine 3D-PRO membership.